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Since its inception, Torspo has been a leader in classic craftsmanship and leading edge technology. Welcome to “Tradition, Reinvented” with the redesigned Surge Series player and S.7 goaltender sticks and gear.

From the beginning player to the elite all-star, we have a system to meet every competitor’s demands.

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Featured Torspo Products

Surge 521PL Hockey Gloves

The Surge 521 Series exceeds the demands of the fiercest on-ice competitor. Constructed with ELITE-level protection, the Surge 521 Series combines ultra-lightweight performance technology with optimal grip and durability.

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Torspo Quik Shift

The Quik Shift “all-in-one” system is the optimal protective system for the beginning player. All equipment is housed in a single unit; making storage, travel and suiting up easy for new hockey parents and players.

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Surge 321 Helmet Visor

Designed for the competitor that is ready to take a step-up in play, the Surge 321 Series offers high-level flexibility and feel for the intermediate player. Available in four color combinations, the Surge 321 Series combines synthetic technology for increased durability.

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